The great American dream is one of family, career, and a beautiful home of your own.  At Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. we take great pride & honor in producing people with quality, long lasting dream homes.

The products, procedures, craftsmanship, and trust built into our homes makes them strong, long lasting, beautiful investments, that you can enjoy for years to come.

Truly a custom home builder.
Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. handles each job one on one with the customer.  Your home will be just that...  Your Home.  Specializing in areas like 1st time builders, Special Lots, Walkout Basements & Hill Lots, we can guide you though the entire process.  From start to finish we are there for the customer.  Every aspect of your home will be designed for you and with you.  Not just a model home modified to suit your requirements, but a home designed around your life.  There are no 'stock plans' at Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. all home plans are started just the same as they are built... from the ground up  for more choice, style, and service -just as you would expect.
5 Yr. Warranty
A new home is a huge investment, the largest in most peoples lives.  We know and understand this at Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. that's why we place a 5 yr. Craftsmanship warranty on all of our new homes.  Just one less worry in an already stressful process.  Standing the tests of time is what makes ordinary buildings into landmarks.  It is our strive at Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. to leave behind the many landmarks we have created in our custom homes, for generations to come to admire and enjoy.

Quotes that are clear, descriptive, complete, and accurate.
Quotes come through Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc's Designer/Estimator.  It is his job to meet with potential clients, find out what they want, what they need, and then what it will cost.  Unlike many builders, we at Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. do all of our own estimating for all projects.  Every item for the job is carefully figured based on what the client's needs and situations are.  We can assure that our quotes for materials will be accurate and specific to your home.  We guarantee it!  Our quotes are very informative, listing and showing all items to be included in the home, as well as anything that is not.  That's right no surprises!  Next we go one more step to inform you further of all types of options available to you.  After all this is a custom built home were talking about, so you should have options right?  The quote process is one that is both thorough and well structured, making it easier on everyone involved, insightful, straight foreword, and non-intimidating.  We know the idea of building a new home can be overwhelming and a bit scary, with our 'big enough to get it done, small enough to care' company we still have the one on one attention to lend you the helping hand to take the worry out of building your dream home.

Quality of Products and Procedures 
Our biggest pride at Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. is one of endurance.  Strength to last the test of time is what we build our company on, and our homes.  One of the first builders in Shelby County using Engineered I joist floor system products, Dennis Ahrens -Founder, has  found the strength and the quality gained in these and other such products, not only makes our homes stronger, but our business stronger too.  Why?  The answer is a simple one...  Happy Customers.

We have always been under the thought that building the best quality home, one that we would want to call ours, is what will bring us success, and pride. Our clean, organized job sites prove our dedication to the pride we have in our work.  Whether a new home, or a remodel job, our sites are kept clean, and cleaned nightly to increase safety, appearance, and efficiency.  Just one more small item showing Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc.'s great attention to detail.

A&A Plumbing & Excavating
A&A Plumbing & Excavating is a subsidiary company to Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. which was started in 1999.  Doing our own plumbing for nearly 8 years Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. decided to open a separate company which would be able to take on more business for other contractors, homeowners, repair services, and excavation services.  With control through Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. this division is still well in tack for all Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc's needs, assisting in remodeling, new construction, and bull dozer & backhoe work.  With 'in-house' assistance for fixture choice, price, service, displays, literature, and more, we can better assist in most of your plumbing or excavating needs.  Dennis Ahrens, President of Ahrens Custom Builders, is a licensed plumber and is also our head equipment operator. We also employ several apprentice plumbers.  A&A Plumbing & Excavating widely accepts work from other contractors, do it yourselfers, or individuals with repair needs, whole house plumbing, trenching, gas lines, water lines, and more.

Dedication to our customers is what keeps our business growing; a satisfied customer is not just a goal at Ahrens Custom Builders, Inc. it's an expectation.

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